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Hammer Films – On Location

Hammer films on Location BookThe comprehensive guide to Hammer locations LAST FEW COPIES REMAINING

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Wayne Kinsey and Gordon Thomson take the lid off the much discussed topic of Hammer film locations in this new lavish book from Peveril Publishing.  In the past details of Hammer locations have been sketchy but now the authors, in the first serious work on the subject, present the definitive guide after months of ground work. To make sure it’s both comprehensive and accurate we’ve consulted Hammer personnel, park rangers and their film liaison officers, clergy, farmers, locals, train, river and canal enthusiasts, museum curators, geographers and geologists. Gordon’s had tea at so many private estates he’s lost count! In this book you’ll find:

  • A film by film location guide (61 chapters) from Four Sided Triangle - To the Devil a Daughter taking you through practically every location used.
  • 3 chapters exploring Hammer’s favourite locations: Bray haunts, Elstree haunts and Black Park
  • Further chapters on Exclusive locations, International locations, Comedy locations, Ardmore (Irish) locations and a light chapter to close with, comparing Hammer’s Transylvania to the real one
  • 1800 photographs, maps, diagrams
  • Photographic comparisons of locations in screengrabs to how they look today
  • Maps and diagrams illustrating how to find the locations exactly at various sites
  • Comprehensive details pinpointing Hammer locations at Black Park with a suggested tour guide
  • We take you inside a number of private properties (with their owner’s consent) to show you many Hammer locations now hidden from the public.
  • Historical facts and trivia to some of Hammer’s favourite locations
  • Manchester city guide to Hell is a City and Weymouth and Portland guides to The Damned
  • Stitched binding for extra strength on your many location hunts!

Hammer films on Location Book - Internal Pages
Have you ever wondered:

  • Where your favourite Hammer films were shot?
  • How to pinpoint Hammer locations in their favourite haunts such as Black Park, Bray gravel pits, Chobham Common and Frensham Ponds?
  • Which locations are long gone or on private property and which are still worth a visit?
  • Where the oft’ discussed coach road from Dracula really was?
  • Whatever happened to the Bray church site from Captain Clegg or the old cottage from The Reptile?


Then this book is for you

Did you know?…

  • The Hound of the Baskervilles was shot at a place called Vampire Flats
  • That Hammer didn’t always film in the clichéd penny pinching style we’re often told about; when they could easily have only used one, the scene where Frankenstein’s carriage almost runs over the beggar girl in The Evil of Frankenstein was a composite of 3 different locations; Chobham Common, Bray gravel pits and the Bray back lot.
  • That numerous trees seen in Hammer films in Black Park have survived to this day, including the tree where Christopher Lee gets kebabed against in Pirates of Blood River, the bent tree in the background when the travellers approach Dracula’s coach in Dracula Prince of Darkness and even some when the coach arrives at the beginning of Brides of Dracula!
  • That a single road with a dip in it appeared in Kiss of the VampireThe Scarlet BladeThe Evil of FrankensteinDracula Prince of Darkness and Twins of Evil.


Hammer Films On Location 2 DVD Set Also Available for £5:

To enhance your enjoyment of this book we also offer an exclusive two DVD-ROM set containing all the contemporary match photographs from the book so that you may view them all larger on your PC screens or TV sets in full colour (seeing detail limited by their size in the book), including shots of those locations on private properties that you won’t be able to access yourself. Over 750 high def images representing years of research and revisits to get the best match shots for scenes in the films (Note: these discs do not contain images from the actual films themselves). You could also use them to create your very own Hammer location screen saver! Just £5…

Please note these images remain the copyright of Wayne Kinsey and Gordon Thomson, so if you do want to reproduce them in any way please contact us first – you’ll find us very amicable!

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