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Three sumptuous book series written by Wayne Kinsey and designed by Steve Kirkham

The Hammer Film Scrapbook series

We’ve already released the first four volumes in this hugely popular series – Dracula, Frankenstein, The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires and Vampires. Each book covers a number of Hammer films under a key theme and each film is brought to life with rare images, FOH stills, lobby cards, posters, press books, script pages, schedules, call sheets, censor documents, letters, set designs, contracts and other surviving ephemera making this a veritable Hammer museum at your fingertips. Still to come:

Vol 5: The Hammer Karnstein Scrapbook
Vol 6: The Hammer Mummy Scrapbook
Vol 7: The Hammer Monster Scrapbook
Vol 8: The Hammer Sci Fi Scrapbook
Vol 9: The Hammer Fantasy Scrapbook
Vol 10: The Hammer Horror Scrapbook
Vol 11: The Hammer Psycho Scrapbook
Vol 12: The Hammer Adventure Scrapbook

Fantastic Films of the Decades series

Join us on our journey through the decades as we take a look at horror, science fiction, fantasy and dark thriller movies from the silent era to the 70s. Each volume takes us through the films of a key decade with cast, credits, production and release details, synopsis, review and film facts. It also allows us to follow the careers of our favourite actors and film-makers with rolling links to them. The first 3 volumes have already been successfully launched. Still to come:

Vol 5: the 50s part 1
Vol 6: the 50s part 2
Vol 7: the 60s part 1
Vol 8: the 60s part 2
Vol 9: the 70s part 1
Vol 10: the 70s part 2

The House that Hammer Built (the Complete Carreras Years 1934-79) series

To celebrate my 25 years in publishing and dedicated to my dad, who I lost from face cancer in 2020, I am putting together my definitive work on Hammer. A 3 volume history of Hammer from 1934 to 1979. I’ll be taking a chronological look at all Hammer’s films (in production order) including all the early Exclusive pictures for the first time as well as Hammer’s many unfilmed projects. I’ll be amalgamating all my researches from previous books with all new research and return to the oral history approach, so we can hear many of the stories from the mouths of those who worked at Hammer – many sadly no longer with us. I’m really looking forward to putting them together and decided to call it after the magazine that started it all for me – The House that Hammer Built. Still in its infancy but expect the 3 volumes to be:

Vol 1:1934-56
Vol 2:1957-66
Vol 3: 1967-79

Please note all details are subject to change without notice.