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Many agree that it was the quality of Hammer’s sets that distinguished them from their rivals as their ornate castle interiors with their bold exteriors gave the impression the films had much bigger budgets than they had. Production designer Bernard Robinson and his art director Don Mingaye steered the art department at Hammer’s home at Bray Studios from 1956 to 1966 and, when Robinson finally left Hammer in 1969, Scott MacGregor took over the department for their Elstree and Pinewood based programmes from 1969-73. From The Quatermass Xperiment (1954) to To the Devil a Daughter (1975) we take a film by film look at the work of the art department including the mattes and models provided by the SPFX team that enhanced the sets and added to the art department’s vision.

    • 360 sumptuous colour pages
    • Signed and numbered collector’s edition limited to only 700 copies.
    • Largest collection of Bernard Robinson/Don Mingaye’s original drafted designs (floor plans and elevations) ever printed in a single publication, many restored for the first time.
    • Largest collection of Scott MacGregor’s concept design set paintings ever printed in a single publication, many colour ones published for the first time and full paged.
    • Largest collection of schedules, call sheets and progress reports ever published and discussed showing the designation of sets on stages and the order they were used.
    • Rare and exclusive photos of the capsizing of the ship in The Devil Ship Pirates, some published for the first time.

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