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The Hammer Dracula Scrapbook SOLD OUT

Hammer Dracula Scrapbook


A4, hardback, 336 pages, colour throughout.

Wayne Kinsey presents a lavish tome full of rare images, posters, lobby cards, advertising materials, set design drawings, script pages, schedules, documents, contracts and other assorted ephemera from Hammer’s Christopher Lee Dracula series. A few notes throughout to guide you, all you have to do is just sit back and savour the wealth of rare materials in this beautiful book skilfully designed by our very own Steve Kirkham.

The phenomenal success of Hammer’s Dracula in 1958 saved its co-financier, Universal, from bankruptcy and spawned another six adventures starring Christopher Lee as Count Dracula. We present a special celebration of the series collating rare images (many in print for the first time), posters, lobby stills, press cuttings, contracts, documents, set designs and other ephemera.

A lavish numbered special edition limited to only 600 copies, with around 1800 images, this is the ultimate collector’s dream.

Sorry this now SOLD OUT!

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